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During the alert period and until new information from the authorities, tickets / access cards for visiting Santa's Village are purchased according to the applicable legislation on measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to ensure the conduct of activities in conditions health safety.

Santa's village is obliged to obey the rules and / or restrictions imposed mainly by the decisions issued by the Department for Emergency Situations, but also by other authorities with responsibilities in the field.

Compliance with the rules on access to the theme park as well as rescheduling or cancellation of reservations is inevitable in the context of measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19, which are not attributable to the Village of Santa Claus.


Reading and following the following rules is essential for the smooth running of things in Santa's Village. This eliminates the risk of accidents, unforeseen situations and discomfort created by visitors or staff.

The term "CUSTOMER", used in this regulation, means any natural person - children, parents, companions of any kind of children, adolescents, unaccompanied adults, etc. - which enters the theme park of Santa's Village.

This regulation applies to all customers who make reservations online, to all those who buy access cards from the Ticket Office of the park and to all those who enter the village of Santa Claus (including adjacent spaces), children, parents, companions of any kind. of children, adolescents, unaccompanied adults, and aims to ensure the safety of persons and property, order and cleanliness. Read it and explain it to your children.

By making an online reservation or purchasing access cards from the ticket office of the park and entering the premises of Santa's Village, you declare that you accept all the provisions of this regulation, which apply inside the theme park and in the adjacent spaces. By carrying out any of the above actions, you are presumed to have read this Regulation, to have understood it and to have given your consent to unconditionally comply with the terms and conditions set out therein.

Santa's village is not responsible for any consequences resulting from non-reading of the regulations or non-compliance with the rules and conditions indicated below. All the attractions in Santa's Village have their own rules that you are obliged to read and follow.

Santa's village reserves the right to select its customers.

The village of Santa Claus reserves the right to cancel the reservation / access card and / or to restrict access to the premises, without any notification, in case of violation of the regulations, without refunding the amounts paid until then. It is the obligation of the clients to inform in advance about the rules to be observed and about the applicable tariffs. Failure to comply with the applicable rules and / or tariffs does not constitute a reason for a refund of any amount paid.

Înainte de efectuarea unei rezervări asigură-te că vei ajunge la noi deoarece locurile sunt limitate. Noi nu suntem răspunzători dacă nu ajungi la ora pentru care ai făcut rezervarea și aceasta nu constituie un motiv pentru restituirea banilor. Putem reprograma vizita dvs. DOAR în limita locurilor disponibile. Te rugăm să nu efectuezi o rezervare dacă nu ești de acord cu acest lucru sau cu oricare alte reguli din prezentul Regulament.

Supervision of children is FULLY the responsibility of the parents / guardians / adults who accompany them. Santa's village is not responsible for any consequences resulting from not supervising children during the time spent in the theme park (including adjacent spaces).

Access to the theme park Santa's Village is made only on the basis of access cards, which are purchased from the Ticket Office of the park either based on a prior online reservation or by simply presenting at the Ticket Office and paying the entrance fee. Access cards are not returnable. It is forbidden to resell these cards for commercial purposes, as well as to copy / multiply them.

Access to Santa's Village is made only on the basis of a valid access card and only within the operating schedule and visiting capacity established by Santa's Village for each time interval. Santa's village does not have the obligation to issue access cards outside the operating hours or if there are no more places available.

The updated operating schedule will be displayed on the site. Santa's village reserves the right to unilaterally change the operating schedule on certain days or times of the year or to temporarily close the theme park in case of unfavorable weather conditions or in case of situations that may endanger visitors.

It is forbidden to enter the Village of Santa Claus with:

  • Pistols, firearms and any other weapon / object intended or apparently intended to launch projectiles or cause injury, such as, but not limited to: all firearms, compressed air, ball, industrial, signaling ( pistols, revolvers, rifles, rifles, etc.); copies and imitations of firearms; crossbows, catapults, harpoons; paralyzing or neutralizing devices; electric shock weapons; lighters in the shape of a firearm, etc .;
  • Pointed / edged weapons and sharp objects - any pointed or blade object that can cause injuries, such as, but not limited to: axes, axes, darts and darts, spikes / skates, spears, hammers, razors with blades of any length, knives, machetes, razors and blades, swords, swords, scissors with blades, craft tools that can be used as weapons, such as drills and drill bits, cutters, utility knives, saws, screwdrivers, grinders, hammers, cutting pliers, fixed, tubular and adjustable wrenches, burners, glass products;
  • Blunt tools - any blunt tool capable of causing injuries, such as, but not limited to: sticks, clubs, sticks, clubs, paddles, tacos, fishing rods, martial arts equipment;
  • Explosive or flammable substances - any explosive or flammable substance which poses a risk to the health of visitors, such as, but not limited to: ammunition, detonating objects, wicks, explosives, grenades, gas containers, fireworks, pyrotechnic articles (including firecrackers and firecrackers), fumigants, fuels such as gasoline, diesel;
  • Chemical and toxic substances - any chemical or toxic substances that pose a risk to the health of visitors, such as: acids and alkaloids, corrosive substances, mercury, chlorine; paralyzing or neutralizing sprays; radioactive materials; poisons; dangerous infectious or biological substances - infected blood, bacteria, viruses;

In case of their introduction in the playground, the parent / guardian / companion is solely responsible for any consequences, understanding and assuming responsibility for the accidents caused to other children or for the damage done.

Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Santa's village does not take responsibility for objects left unattended, forgotten, or stolen.

All customers are obliged to show respect for each other and to follow exactly all applicable instructions, rules and conditions.

Smoking inside Santa's Village is strictly forbidden. Also the use of hallucinogenic substances and the consumption of alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden!

The amusement park is supervised by the staff of Santa's Village, but they are not responsible for:

a) quarrels, blows, accidents and relationships between children, intervening between them, only if they have the opportunity and observe the problems and altercations;

b) accidents, blows caused by children's non-compliance with the rules and ignorance of the rules of this regulation due to their non-reading by their companions, disobedience and refusal of supervisors' recommendations, children's inattention;

c) accidents, blows caused by children's mental, mental and motor health problems;

d) problems arising from the inability or poor ability of children to communicate with each other or with the supervisory staff;

e) incidents caused by the negligence of the parents / guardians / accompanying adults.

Supervisors (elves) have the role of general supervision of the theme park and groups of visitors and not of each child.

Santa's village does not tolerate quarrels, beatings, violent, aggressive, obscene behavior, ugly language, jokes or malicious pranks of children or their companions against other visitors or employees of the company. In the situations listed above, the persons involved will be obliged to leave the theme park immediately, without returning the value of the entrance fee and without subsequent repression within the Village.

It is forbidden to access the green spaces, as well as the areas expressly delimited as not being accessible to the visitors of Santa's Village. At the same time, for your safety, and to avoid possible accidents, uncontrolled access to fenced areas is prohibited.

Pets are not allowed!

It is forbidden in the Village of Santa Claus with things to sell, samples, advertising materials, or to recruit or interview people without the written consent of the management of the Village of Santa Claus.

Access with food and drinks is forbidden except for those specific to children up to 2 years old. Food and beverages can only be served in the specially designed areas.

Keeping it clean is mandatory!

It is forbidden to spit on the floor or throw packaging / residues / household waste in other places / containers than those arranged for this purpose and properly marked.

It is forbidden to destroy the decorative elements and / or furniture, including by soiling, scratching, tearing, tearing, hitting, inscription with various writing objects, sticking stickers / stickers, etc.). If, however, the child is destroyed, the parent / guardian / companion assumes responsibility for paying the value of the damages.

It is not allowed to touch or move objects from the boxes in the perimeter in which they are located.

Please do not talk on the phone or any other means of communication during the guided tour and put your mobile devices in silent mode or airplane mode!

Filming or photography inside Santa's Village is allowed without the approval of the management only if the photos and filming will be used for personal, non-commercial purposes; for any other purpose, prior written approval from the management of Santa's Village is required.

By entering the premises of Santa's Village, the parent / guardian / companion of the child agrees to the use in advertising materials, regardless of form (TV, magnetic, photographic, paper format, internet or any other type of format), free of charge. to the Village of Santa Claus, the voice and image of the child and / or the parent / guardian / companion.

Santa's village has the right to publish and transmit the materials made based on the elements that characterize the child and / or the parent / guardian / companion, on TV / internet / newspapers / magazines / leaflets / facebook page, etc., free of charge, without material or financial obligations to the parent / guardian / companion.

All the rules in this document also apply to organized groups. The responsibility for explaining the rules lies with the parents / guardians / companions, the parents / guardians / companions / accompanying teachers.

Gavrilă Ionela Individual Enterprise, F21/308/2021, CUI 44926667, as the owner of the theme park "Santa's Village", processes the personal data communicated by customers/visitors, for the purpose of providing goods and services, invoicing, marketing , advertising, publicity and personal security. The data are intended for use by Gavrilă Ionela Individual Enterprise and will only be disclosed to the competent authorities, in accordance with the law. Your refusal to provide the data from the online reservation form or when purchasing access cards from the Ticket Office determines the impossibility of carrying out the activities for the purposes indicated above, including access to the premises of Santa Claus Village.

The village of Santa Claus reserves the right to take legal action against those who violate one or more of the provisions of this regulation. Prezentul regulament poate suferi modificări în orice moment, vizitatorilor revenindu-le obligația de a verifica periodic prevederile acestuia.