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Online access card

Dear all,

I can't wait to be your host in my village from Negrești - Neamț County.

To avoid unpleasant situations (to come from a great distance and not find places, to promise your child or grandson a meeting with Santa Claus and there are no places available on the day and time you arrive in Santa's Village, we recommend that you use our platform where you can buy the access card on the day and in the desired time slot! It is a modern and safe way to book. Everything is simple.

Înainte de efectuarea unei rezervări asigură-te că vei ajunge la noi deoarece locurile sunt limitate. Noi nu suntem răspunzători dacă nu ajungi la ora pentru care ai făcut rezervarea și aceasta nu constituie un motiv pentru restituirea banilor. Putem reprograma vizita dvs. DOAR în limita locurilor disponibile.

You still have to take a step until you get your passport to this Dreamland: in order to make a reservation you must enter correctly and completely all the required data (which are not many).

Steps of online access card reservation/purchase form:

1. choose the location

2. choose the desired service

3. choose the desired month and day

4. choose the desired time slot

5. tick and select the number of people accompanying you (for example for a family of 4 you will choose the number 3). This step is not mandatory for adults who come alone, unaccompanied.

6. select the number of children and the number of adults who will come to Santa's Village on the previously selected date and time. The price differs depending on the day and time slot for which the reservation is made. Children up to 2 years old have free access.

a. Day tour of the park "Santa's Village" Monday to Friday in the interval 09 AM - 4 PM – 50 lei per child/adult

b. Evening tour of the park "Santa's Village" Monday to Friday in the interval 4 PM - 9 PM – 100 lei per child/adult

c. Day tour of the park "Santa's Village" Saturday and Sunday in the interval 09 AM - 4 PM100 lei per child/adult

d. Evening tour of the park "Santa's Village" Saturday and Sunday in the interval 4 PM - 9 PM – 150 lei per child/adult

*the entrance price also includes a gift that each child will receive from Santa Claus when they arrive at his little house

7. enter your last name, first name, e-mail address and telephone number (all are required, you will not be able to proceed to the next step without entering this data correctly)

8. check that all the data are correct, especially the number of people. If you forgot someone or entered too many people, go back to step 5. and reselect the options correctly

9. if all the data entered are correct, press the CONFIRM BOOKING button, which will take you to the payment page, where you will be able to make the payment using only the bank card.

10. after the successful completion of the payment, you will automatically receive by email the confirmation of the reservation made at the desired date and time, the tax invoice and the access card in electronic format with which you must present yourself at the Ticket Office on the day of the visit to receive the envelope and the letter for Santa Christmas, which gives you access to Santa's Village.

Below you have a video in which you can see how to fill in a reservation correctly (we took as an example a family of 4 members composed of 2 adults and 2 children). 

*Data related to name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number are NOT REAL, they are entered only as an example. You must fill in the fields using real data.

Without checking and completing the number of people who will accompany you (unless you come alone), without completing the number of adults and the number of children and without paying the cost for all people, the reservation is not valid, will not be taken consider and will be deleted!

My dears, please, read the Village Regulations before making an online reservation. If you do not agree with this Regulation, DO NOT make any reservations and do NOT pay any money.

An online reservation is ONLY valid for the number and type of visitors entered in the reservation (number of adults & number of children). Santa's Village cannot and does not have the obligation to allow access to a larger number of people than the one entered in the reservation!

And in the extreme event that you can not reach me at the date and time set by reservation, you can announce and reschedule the visit, in agreement with my elves, on a day when places are available.


Dacă ai uitat pe cineva când ai făcut rezervarea sau pur si simplu vrei să faci încă o rezervare pentru aceeași zi și același interval orar, te rog să folosești ALTĂ ADRESĂ DE E-MAIL or ALT NUMĂR DE TELEFON pentru a evita modificarea rezervării inițiale.

Thank you for your trust, good - collaboration and understanding!

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